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Cách tải Free Fire OB32 phiên bản thử nghiệm

Free Fire test OB32 (or Free Fire OB32 Advance Server) is the latest experimental version of the Free Fire game for pre-registered gamers. With this version the player gives you the opportunity to experience the latest Free Fire features early on another test server that is completely independent of the Free Fire server.

In accordance with the Free Fire update schedule, Patch FF OB32 will be released around January 19, 2022 or January 20, 2022. Before that, updates were released one day before or at the end of the current Clash Squad season end day. It is expected that Clash Squad Free Fire season 10 will close on January 20, 2022.

If you are eager to try new features of Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max, hurry up and register to download FF OB32 from Garena right now. To be able to download Free Fire OB32 you need to register to receive the game download link sent via personal email and be ready to join the latest survival battle on Free Fire OB32. Since Free Fire’s advanced servers are limited to a specific number of players, players need a valid Activation Code to log in.

The survival shooter game Garena Free Fire always receives great attention, so early downloading the game Garena Free Fire OB32 always brings a very interesting feeling. Very simply, by registering on the Free Fire advanced server, you can quickly download the Free Fire OB32 Advanced Server.

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Instructions to register and download Free Fire OB32 Advance Server for trial

How to download Free Fire OB32 Advance Server

Step 1:

Go to the test server’s page Free Fire Advance Server: https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com/

Step 2:

Scroll down to the Free Fire Advance Server Registration section and proceed to Login Facebook (Facebook account has been linked to your Free Fire game account playing) to log in to the test server system.

Login to the Free Fire test system

Step 3:

Right after that, the registration form to join the Free Fire OB32 Advance Server game appears, enter all the details and then click Join Now.

Step 4:

Immediately after that, there will be a successful registration window, the system will redirect to the Free Fire OB32 game download window through the APK file, press the button Download APK.

Download the test Free Fire APK file to your device

Download the test Free Fire APK file to your device

Step 5:

Wait for the server to be downloaded to your device, after it is complete, find and install the test Free Fire APK file.

Before proceeding with the installation, please activate Install from Unknown Source in Settings first let the system allow the installation of applications outside CH Play.

Note: Only Android devices can install experimental FF.

Once downloaded, players will have to enter Activation code which they receive to enjoy testing new features in the Free Fire OB32 Advanced Server.


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